RSPB and partners

Since 1889, the RSPB has been growing into the country’s largest nature conservation charity, managing thousands of hectares of woodland and more than 200 reserves.

Sherwood is the perfect setting for the RSPB to continue its work to connect people to nature, while protecting this magical site for many more generations to enjoy. While the RSPB leads as the guardian of Sherwood Forest, it is not working alone, but in partnership and association with other bodies – national and local – who will all be part of Sherwood’s evolving story.

Nottinghamshire County Council

NCC managed Sherwood Forest Country Park since its inception in 1969, achieving so much in that time – securing a Grade I listing for the ancient woodland and heathland as well as seeing it become a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a National Nature Reserve, and a Special Area of Conservation.

The Sherwood Forest Trust

local charity on a mission to restore, conserve and seek opportunities to create new areas of woodland, heathland and other natural habitats, linking together remnant areas of our heritage into a fluid and exciting landscape. They form a vital local connection and their mission chimes with the RSPB’s Futurescapes project, which will join areas of the forest and heathland.

Thoresby Estate

In the same family since 1633 – incorporates Sherwood Forest and owns the land on which the nature reserve sits. To this day, the family takes an active role in the management of the land and their support and passion for Sherwood is invaluable.

The Woodland Trust

The UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, with over half a million members and supporters and more than 1,000 wildlife-rich native woods covering over 26,000 hectares across the UK. Their role as associate partners promises to help ensure a secure future for the forest.

Together we strive in a single vision to protect and nurture Sherwood as a home for nature.

RSPB staff member looking at fern leaf


As we’ve already said, looking after Sherwood Forest for the future is a job best done through partnership, offering the support, expertise and commitment needed to ensure this special site continues to thrive.

Equally, successfully building a new visitor centre – a project costing more than £5 million – was not achieved alone.

Funding and support came from a number of sources, including:

as well as Nottinghamshire County Council, the RSPB, Thoresby Estate and The Woodland Trust.

We have also had help from the general public, who have donated money to support not just the building of our new centre, but the work needed to take down the old one, and allow the area to return to nature.

Everyone who visits here, also supports us! Each time you pay to park your car, buy a coffee or book on an event, you help us carry on our vital work here.

To each of you, we are extremely grateful for your help and support. A huge thank you to everyone who has played a part in helping plan, create, build and now run our new visitor centre and National Nature Reserve.

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