Take a Twilight Walk in Sherwood Forest with… the Sheriff!

A rare opportunity to join Robin Hood’s arch-enemy on a guided walk of Sherwood Forest as dusk descends is available later this month.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is leading the walk among Sherwood’s ancient oaks at 6pm on Saturday 14th October.

Entrance to Sherwood Forest at nightfall
Dare you venture into the forest at twilight?

We might be familiar with the outlaws’ version of the legends, but what about the Sheriff’s take on it all?

Whatever we may think of the Sheriff’s reputation, it promises to be a fascinating evening of history and myth.

The Sheriff of Nottingham stands at the entrance to Sherwood Forest, pointing his cane.
Set out to discover the Sheriff’s perspective of Sherwood’s legends.

Places on the walk are limited and booking is essential. Tickets cost £7.50 per person (£6 for RSPB members). Book here.

The walk is all part of the Sheriff’s Weekend at Sherwood on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October with lots of free activities devoted to the King’s Medieval steward of the county.

The Sheriff will be holding a Medieval Court down at the Major Oak during the day on Saturday, passing judgement – and sentence – on all manner of misdemeanours.

The court will be in session at 1pm and 3pm.

Joining the Sheriff will be The Lord Thomas Stanley Retinue historical re-enactment group, who return to Sherwood to provide an authentic look and feel of life in the late Middle Ages.

And on Sunday, the hilarious Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society are back, this time with what is believed to be the first Mummers play about the legend of Robin Hood to be written in more than a century.

Actors being watched by an audience at Sherwood Forest.
Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society performing at Sherwood Forest in January 2023.

There’s archery on the Medieval shooting range all weekend with Creative Kingdom (£4 for six arrows), and two fun family trails.

Discover more about the incredible fungi varieties that can be found in the forest on our special seasonal nature trail for families. Trail sheets are available from the Visitor Centre for just £1.

Fungi in Sherwood Forest
A tawny grisette in Sherwood Forest. Photo by Tammy herd.

Or, with Halloween looming at the end of the month, dare to set out on our Haunted Halloween trail.

Collect letters along the route to help unravel a deep, dark riddle of the forest.

There’s a reward at the end of this trail and dressing up in Halloween outfits is highly recommended. Haunted Halloween trail sheets are also available from the Visitor Centre, priced £3.50.

Visitors can also do both trails for a special price of £4.

Visit our Events page for full details.