Wild Challenge

Wild Challenge is a call to get up, get out and get wild! Get yourselves some muddy hands, maybe some muddy knees, and get closer to nature more than ever before.

The RSPB’s Wild Challenge replaces the Wildlife Action Awards we launched in 1988 – it’s a great way for you to engage and connect with nature throughout the year, learn, record and share what you’ve discovered about the nature around you. You just go online and follow the easy instructions to create a profile, then get started with your adventures! Work at your own pace and we’ll suggest places and activities near you to help you get you closer to nature. And the information you record about the nature around you gives us an invaluable understanding of the state of nature and the habitats it relies on.

Selected other RSPB activities, such as Big Garden Birdwatch count towards your achievements too. And sign up before your visit to Sherwood and you’ll have loads to add! Some of our organised events relate directly to the Wild Challenge.

The challenges are divided into two sections – Help Nature and Experience Nature – and your challenge is do as many as you can to earn rewards. Do three of each and you’ll receive your bronze award, another six and it’s silver – six more and you’re going for gold!

Set up your account here www.rspb.org.uk/fun-and-learning and see just how many species you can identify and record.

Read more at www.rspb.org.uk