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What: Hunt The Outlaw
Date: 13th April, 2024
Times: 1pm - 4pm
Price: £2

This event has now passed.

Hunt The Outlaw

Can you find all of Sherwood Forest’s Outlaws?

The Lazy Sheriff of Nottingham has declared that he and his guards are on their Easter Holidays. It is up to you, the public, to venture deep into the lush Sherwood Forest and track down each outlaw lurking within its ancient trees and concealed hideouts. You’ll navigate the forest’s winding paths and uncover the whereabouts of these notorious miscreants.

As you successfully locate each outlaw, collect their stamp, which will serve as a testament to your bravery. Once you have collected all the outlaws marks, return to the Sheriff’s camp at the events green (opposite the visitor centre), where the Lazy Sheriff himself awaits your arrival. Present him with your hard-earned certificates of completion, and perhaps your triumphant efforts will awaken a sense of responsibility within him.

Outlaw hunting permits are £2 and can be collected from the Sheriff from 1pm on the events green.

The Sherwood Outlaws

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