Event details

What: Fungi Foray Family Trail
Dates: 22nd October, 2023
– 28th October, 2023
Times: 10am - 3pm
Price: £1 per trail sheet

This event has now passed.

Fungi Foray Family Trail

Take our fab Fungi Foray Family Trail this month and discover what makes these organisms such a crucial part of Sherwood Forest’s landscape.

Have you ever seen rotting fingers reaching up out of the ground or a juicy piece of steak attached to the side of a tree? It’s not The Sheriff’s latest victim or a left-over from Little John’s lunch!

These are just two examples of the fantastic fungi that can be found at Sherwood.

With over 15,000 varieties in the UK, you will find a whole host of weird and wonderful specimens that help make this time of year so special here.

We’ve created a fun way to learn about the incredible importance of fungi to the forest, so why not embrace the magic of the autumn at Sherwood and embark on the Fungi Foray Family Trail.

Pick up a trail sheet from the Visitor Centre for just £1. The cost of the trail supports the vital work of the RSPB, the UK’s largest conservation charity, to protect habitats and save species across the country.

Please don’t pick any fungi. Not only is it potentially dangerous, it’s also against the law to take it from a protected Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Check our Plan Your Visit page for more information about coming to Sherwood Forest and Budby South Forest.