Crying Christmas photo gallery – with video

So, Robin Hood’s right hand man, Little John, was handed the chains of office as the Lord of Misrule of Sherwood Forest for the next few weeks until Twelfth Night and the Fools’ Parade (Saturday 6th January).

The role dictates that John, famed for his great strength, will be in charge of the merry-making in the forest this Christmastime.

The Lord of Misrule was a popular figure during Yuletide in the Tudor period. Often, they would have the role of a mock king and would be chosen from among the lowliest servants in the king’s household.

They would be able to get up to all sorts of mischief, including insulting guests at the royal court, without any sort of punishment while they held the post.

Revelry at Christmas was also traditionally part of their responsibility – ensuring that fun was had at this time of year.

Here are some of the pictures of this year’s Sherwood ceremony featuring The Sheriff of Nottingham and The Sherwood Outlaws:

The Sheriff’s guards were on patrol at Sherwood.
The Sheriff and his household were on hand to greet the peasan…, er, we mean the good people of Sherwood.
The Sheriff appeared to be in a generous mood…
…even handing out tax refunds to deserving citizens.
The crowd gathered to hear the Sheriff’s proclamation that Robin Hood and his outlaws would be granted freedom this Christmas…
…once Robin wasn’t quite so busy with his media commitments.
The Sherwood Outlaws emerged triumphantly from the forest.
And had much to say (although Much didn’t do much of the talking)….
…which certainly tickled the Friar’s funny bone!

You can also watch ITV Central News’ coverage of the event here!