Sherwood’s partnership is committed to protecting the forest as the amazing home for nature that it is, as well as welcoming everyone to experience the wonder of the place for themselves.

For this to happen, a number of organisations need to pool expertise and work together, and a culture of collaboration has always been important to the forest’s future. Meet the partnership behind this project.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – RSPB

Since 1889, the RSPB has grown to become the country’s largest nature conservation charity, managing thousands of hectares of woodland and almost 200 reserves. As fresh challenges emerge for wildlife, the RSPB gives nature the home it deserves. With its unique collection of ancient oaks and the superb habitats provided by Sherwood, it is the perfect setting for the RSPB to help connect more people to nature, while protecting this magical site for many more generations to enjoy.

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council has managed the world-famous Sherwood Forest Country Park since its inception in 1969, protecting, preserving and enhancing the ecology and heritage of the site for all those who visit it. During this time the Country Park has become a Grade 1 site for its ancient woodland and heathland, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a National Nature Reserve, a Special Area of Conservation and in 2014, the Major Oak was crowned England’s Tree of the Year.

The County Council has been proud to be the guardian of the Forest and the legend of Robin Hood and looks forward to working with partners to secure the future of this special place for generations to come.

The Sherwood Forest Trust

This local charity’s mission is to restore, conserve and seek opportunities to create new areas of woodland, heathland and other natural habitats, linking together remnant areas of our heritage into a fluid and exciting landscape. They form a vital local connection and their mission chimes with the RSPB’s Futurescapes project, which will join areas of the forest and heathland.

Thoresby Estate

The Thoresby Estate – in the same family since 1633 – incorporates Sherwood Forest and owns the land on which the nature reserve sits. To this day, the family takes an active role in the management of the land. As landowner, Thoresby Estate’s continued support and passion for this landscape is invaluable to the future of the forest and the projects to protect and restore it.

The Woodland Trust

Established in 1972, the Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, with over half a million members and supporters and more than 1,000 wildlife-rich native woods covering over 26,000 hectares across the UK. Many of these are ancient woods and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Their vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife, which they aim to achieve by protecting and campaigning, planting trees, and restoring ancient woodland. Their role as associate partners promises to help ensure a secure future for the forest.

Continuum Attractions

Continuum manages and delivers quality visitor attractions across the world. With an expertise in the heritage and entertainment sectors, they develop experiences which use culture and brands to form popular family entertainment – this will prove a huge asset to the project.

A forest for the Future

Futurescapes is an RSPB initiative that seeks to connect the jigsaw puzzle of land, owned by different people, from local authorities and communities to farmers, companies and governments, across the country. This is because as well as looking after nature reserves and protected areas, the land in between matters too. By joining up fragments of habitat, we can create bigger landscapes. Not only will you find more species in larger areas of joined-up land, but they tend to be the species we most need to protect. It will also support wildlife as it faces the impact of climate change, which forces animals to move, and will care for this precious landscape for many more years to come.

A Sherwood
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The next chapter of Sherwood Forest

The countdown is on …

The countdown is on …

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Join our merry band!

Robin Hood Festival Fun!

Robin Hood Festival Fun!